Situating Sri Aurobindo

Situating Sri AurobindoThis Reader consists of fifteen essays by notable scholars from India, the United States and Canada on Sri Aurobindo as a writer, a political and social theorist, a philosopher, and a spiritual thinker.

The general introduction and section introductions by Peter Heehs shows Sri Aurobindo’s continuing relevance in these fields.

The contributors include literary critics K.D. Verma, Richard Hartz, Kathleen Raine, and Edward Ulrich; historians and social theorists Andrew Sartori, Sugata Bose, B.S. Chimni, and J.N. Mohanty; philosophers Haridas Chaudhuri, Steve Odin, Nalini Bhushan, Jay Garfield, and Stephen Phillips; and religious scholars C. Mackenzie Brown, Michael Stoeber, and Robert McDermott.